Thursday, 31 December 2009

The Year in Review

I can't even remember the first half of the year, so it should be 'The Second half of the year in review'. Whatever.

I think the problem with University is that it's skewing my sense of time, with its short semesters, long holidays and, of course, the standard system of academic years ending in June/July. As such, all of what I did in my second year of Uni is forgotten, as third year takes priority. That of course means I can only remember summer and what's happened since then.

That, of course means, that anything good that happened in the first half of 2009 is forgotten, although I don't think there was anything memorable. Oh! My birthday was fun; what a good bunch of friends I have. That's not sarcasm; I love those guys.

However. The second half of 2009, by all accounts, sucked. And sucked hard. Time with friends in uni and spent with my better half have, as always, been a joy and a pleasure, and I can't take that away from them or myself. Socially, 2009 has been a good year.

It's with a sad face that I must admit, though, that my own personal problems, and physical ailments have shadowed; in fact, almost dwarfed those social gems beneath a depressing shroud. I have been worried, stressed, ill, ill again, continually ill, and stressed some more. At the time of writing this, in fact, I am also stressed. Not so ill anymore, but still not tip-top. I might be feeling fine just in time to go back to uni.

This latter half of 2009 has been wrought with personal struggle for me--not in any kind of heroic, Trotsky-ist way. Just a lot of worrying, and becoming upset over family members. Silly, sentimenal things. Don't let anybody ever tell you I'm stone-hearted. That's just an act.

However, my holiday has been a good time to relax (despite looming work), and Christmas with the family was a great time, better than I'd hoped. Hopefully, a good party awaits me tonight, and then I'll face 2010 with the coy, cautious optimism for which I'm known, or at least I want to be.

I hate to be depressing on New Years Eve. But as a year, 2009 hasn't been good to me. I am looking forward to 2010 (Twenty Ten! Take that, regressives!) and the possibility of goodness it may bring. I want to end on an optimistic note, to show that 2009 isn't leaving any kind of permanent scarring on me. 2010 is a new year; a new decade in fact. It feels kind of funky living in an early century. Especially after having done Romantic/Victorian studies in the previous semester. Feels like change, and progression is about.

Could just be the air freshner, though.

- Happy New Year, everybody!